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Niswonger Learning Center and Online Courses

The basis of the Niswonger Foundation’s work is to empower area schools by giving them outside options and resources to meet all student needs. The Niswonger Foundation’s Online Learning Program has turned into a powerful tool for consortium schools, giving them the ability to offer a rigorous array of courses to benefit students in many ways. These courses help students by offering access to classes that may not be available at their school, gives students the ability to make up courses missed or incomplete, and helps students get ahead so they can focus on what interest them most while in the classroom.

The online program experienced tremendous growth throughout the five-year i3 grant period. Through the Foundation’s hard work and devotion to learning, a sustainability plan was developed that will allow students within the consortium to continue to benefit from the online courses offered. This sustainability program began in fall of 2015 and thanks to the continued support of our consortium schools and demand from local students, we are pleased to report that the online program has shown to be more than sustained, it is thriving!

Niswonger Foundation online program now offers forty nine courses that include three different language paths, ten Social Studies courses, various Career and Technical offerings, Math, Science, Fine Arts, and seven A.P. classes. The Foundation is proud to offer all courses under the direction of highly trained instructors, certified by the state of Tennessee. Many of whom have been teaching with the Foundation for years. Their expertise in online instruction has helped us create an environment that educates our students with engaging material, always promoting interaction, participation, and learning.

As we look to the future, our goal is focused on growth in our online offerings. We are beginning to expand our commitment to serve children in rural settings by opening our online program to selected rural counties across Tennessee. Currently, students in Hardeman, Claiborne, Lauderdale, Haywood and Grainger Counties have joined Northeast Tennessee in providing a rigorous and expanded curriculum offering to their students. However, our highest priority is, and will always be, fulfilling the educational needs of our students here in Northeast Tennessee.

For more information and most current updates, visit the Niswonger Learning Center site at or contact Gina Pavlovich at